LEGO is making a mechanical Hedwig complete with Hogwarts letter

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Arguably the most famous owl in fiction, Harry Potter’s very own Hedwig, will be the star of an upcoming LEGO set which has buyers building their own version of the bird complete with some interesting extras.

First is the mechanical aspect of the toy. Built into the wings and head here is a movement system which can be operated by way of a crank near the base of this display piece.

Also predominantly displayed on the base is that Hogwarts letter we’ve all been waiting to receive since childhood. Here it is just a few flat LEGO bricks, but it’s certainly good enough.

The set, 75979: Hedwig, contains 630 pieces and is rather sizable once built. The dimensions provided on the back state that the build is 27 centimetres long from head to tail, and 17 centimetres tall from the base to the head. Outstretched, there’s a 25.4 centimetre wingspan here. Those hoping for a 1:1 scale snowy owl will be disappointed as this is much smaller than the real bird that Hedwig is based on.

That crushing fact out of the way this set will sell for $39.99 / €39.99 (~R744 / ~R810). Those in the US are limited to buying the set from Barnes and Noble as it is exclusive to that store in that country. For the rest of us there should be wider availability.

Sticking with regional differences Europe will get this set in June, which is around the time many other smaller countries get it too. The US will need to wait a bit longer when it launches in August. All of this is assuming the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t affect supply chains or pricing.

The three released promotional images of the set are available below. This set is one of six which have been announced by LEGO, the rest of which can be viewed here.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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