22nd February 2024 1:43 pm
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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla update will finally make combat harder

Today update 1.3.1 comes to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla which adds a lot to the game with the aspect we’re most excited about being a new highest difficulty called Aesir.

Strangely we’re actually in the middle of a Valhalla playthrough right now and found the combat tedious even on the old highest combat difficulty (Very Hard). Even without over-levelling and going out of our way to make an optimal build, Valhalla quickly loses its edge and even bosses become boringly simply to defeat.

Update 1.3.1 will tune the difficulty of combat in the following ways.

  • Added Aesir (Nightmare) combat difficulty to the game:
    • +200 percent damages received
    • Standard damage inflicted
    • -40 percent rations heal
    • -38 percent Parry timing windows.
  • Players will now heal according to their selected difficulty setting:
    • Easy & Default = 100 percent
    • Hard = 80 percent
    • Very Hard = 60 percent
    • Nightmare = 60 percent.

While we’re happy to see a bigger challenge we’re not entirely sold on the changes here. Taking more damage and healing for less just seems to favour builds with higher defences or spending some extra time to invest in more rations capacity (the items which heal you in Valhalla).

We would have really liked to see some tweaks to the skill tree to better balance combat. Some abilities, such as automatic healing, really kill any challenge the game has to offer. With no change in the game abilities like this will have to be ignored by players looking to make things more difficult, but first time players will obviously not know this.

We’ve focused in on the new difficulty, but update 1.3.1 adds a lot more to the game. The River Raids mode has been updated with new content which extends its longevity, runes have been tweaked, there’s new tattoos and a host of bug fixes.

The full patch notes for update 1.3.1 can be found here.

The only real downside to this free update is the install size which varies depending on platform but is massive on all of them.

  • Xbox Series X|S: 34.05GB
  • Xbox One: 26.23GB
  • PlayStation 5: 14.31GB
  • PlayStation 4: 30.00GB
  • PC: 26.49GB.

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