3D printing extravaganza comes to Johannesburg

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What are you doing next Saturday, 6th July? We’re going to be hanging out with the art crowd at digital art-meets-makers event Agents Of The 3D Revolution, which is happening at FADA Gallery at University of Johannesburg.

It’s an exhibition which features some beautiful looking 3D artworks, and a speaker program made up of local pioneers in the field – like Schalk Heunis and Quentin Harley from Centurion’s House4Hack. There’ll be printed skulls, fractal designs and practical models on display, as well as demonstrations of 3D printers at work, so if you’ve been curious about what 3D printers look like and how they work, now’s your chance.

From the site:

“The Media has picked up on 3D printing.  A new hyped-up story emerges every day. But who are the real agents, the ones who have been developing this new wave of product and art way before the rush began?

This extraordinary technology is used as an art and design form, but how can curators, gallerists and businesses distinguish between what work or technology will stand the test of time when they have little or no knowledge of the medium or process.”

As a member of the press who has built a 3D printer, I’m not sure I appreciate the snarky suggestion that all coverage is hype. But live and let live. More importantly:

“Through their extensive personal knowledge of the design process and technology, Dr. Lionel T. Dean and Dr. Michaella Janse van Vuuren have curated a group of 3D Print artists & designers that stand out head and shoulders above the rest.”

And it’s all local artists and hackers too. 3D printing is a fantastic new tech with massive implications for Africa, and maybe the hype accusation is a fair cop after all.

Get thee to FADA (directions in the link) next week.

Agents of the 3D revolution mailer 27 June



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