Ford App Link 2.0 Announced For SA

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Today at Computex in Taipei, Ford announced it’s App Link 2.0 platform. The platform will allow developers to use the Ford SYNC API to interact and supply data to their App Link enabled Apps. Three new capabilities specifically for developers will push the next generation of App Link enabled applications:

  1. Voice pass-through: allowing app developers to take the voice data collected and push it to cloud enabled services (with the users consent of course)
  2. Vehicle data access: App Link developers will be able to access data from the car’s built in sensors including GPS, speed and odometer information
  3. In vehicle push notifications: Applications will be able to send push notifications through to the driver. (only with the drivers consent and apps will have the ability to be configured according to safety level requirements.

Also announced was a new developer portal for devs looking to get involved with the App Link 2.0 program ( and a catalogue app that will allow those on Android and iOS devices to download apps that are already compatible with the App Link platform, of which there are already 60+ available in the North American market to date. Over 3500 developers have signed up to the program already and Ford is actively involved in supporting the community through a forum which devs can participate in discussion with the SYNC team.

Vehicles themselves will have the ability to be updated with new features via a USB update which can be accessed from the Ford SYNC website, pushing  new features to vehicles over time.

App Link 2.0 enabled vehicles are scheduled to make a 2014 debut in South Africa.

David Greenway

David Greenway

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