You may start seeing Google Gemini on apps like Gmail soon

  • A user has found evidence that Google’s rollout of its AI on apps like Gmail could be imminent.
  • They found that Gemini exists on the latest version of Gmail on Android, and can be used to summarise emails.
  • Google will likely officially launch Gemini AI on apps at its I/O event in May.

After many months of it first being announced, a user has found evidence that Google is imminently planning to launch its Gemini AI on the company’s mobile apps for Android phones. The first integration is the ability to summarise emails on Gmail with Gemini.

First reported by Android Authority, Google has updated the Android version of Gmail with Gemini in the back end and the feature was activated by a reader that used some code trickery on the app, particularly the 2024.04.21.626860299 version.

Despite it being hidden in the code, the feature is fully functional which means the rollout should be expected soon. Google could be saving it for the upcoming Google I/O event next month, on 14th May 2024.

The company could also roll out Gemini’s generative AI across the Google app ecosystem at the same time, so this sneak peek could be a sign of what’s to come at I/O.

Gemini summarising emails on Gmail. Image sourced from Android Authority.

We also now have a better idea how Gemini will work on Gmail. When launched, users will see a “Summarise this email” button below the subject line. Tapping it will launch Gemini in a small window, which will read and summarise the message. For users that receive many lengthy and detail-filled emails, this feature will be a god-send.

There is also an option to rate the summary, so that the AI can improve in the future. Google has previously said that it is looking to integrate its Gemini AI into apps like Photos, Maps and Google Docs and more alongside Gmail.

The tech giant has been slow to rollout its AI products, primarily out of fears that they are just not ready to face its huge number of users. Are the systems Google has in place strong enough to both protect the company itself from embarresment and also serve the purpose of its generative AI.

In February, Google has to pause the image generation feature on Gemini after users found that it was a bit too inclusive, and tended to not generate any caucasians when asked to create images of people. Even the likes of Elon Musk harped on the issue, calling it “extremely alarming!”

As of April, the image generator is still offline, with Gemini telling users, “We are working to improve Gemini’s ability to generate images of people. We expect this feature to return soon and will notify you in release updates when it does.”

The issue is likely due to Google enforcing certain parameters on its AI so that it can’t be used to create racist or sexist images. But these were not fine-tuned enough. The company is likely taking the fine-tuning very seriously, as these mistakes by the AI have been costly in the past.


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