Print art using Tetris blocks

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If you love Tetris and you love art, you’ll find great joy in the latest to emerge from the great big internet. A gifted programmer has created a script in, err, Javascript, that will play a game of Tetris for you. However, the computer will build, using the coloured blocks, in a way that the result is a work of art – quite literally.

The algorithm in the script takes a source bitmap image and recreates it by playing a game of Tetris. Effectively, then, this is a Tetris printer.

Confused? Check out the video below to see the script in action, using various coloured pieces to recreate famous Nintendo game characters. After that, hit up the source link for a very, very detailed description of the maths, as well as an opportunity to try out the script.


Christo van Gemert

Christo van Gemert

Eleven years ago Christo started writing about technology for one of South Africa's (then) leading computer magazines. His first review? A Samsung LCD monitor. Hey, it was hot news, back then. Nowadays he gets more excited about photography, cars, game consoles, and faster internet connections. He's sort of an Apple fan, but will take any opportunity to remind you about his Windows-powered home theatre PC and desire to own a vanilla Android tablet.   Currently uses: Apple 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display, Apple iPhone 5, Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000, Audiofly AF78 Earphones, Xbox 360, Nikon D50.