Vine for Android out today

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Rejoice, children of the media age. No longer do you need to stretch your attention span to the full extent of 140 characters in order to tell us what you had for breakfast. Twitter’s funky video app, Vine, has been repackaged and released for Android. The app, which allows people to upload short burst of video no more than six seconds long as status updates is in Google Play for any phone or tablet running Android 4.0 or above.

Apparently, the iPhone version of Vine has been something of a success, with over 30 million users worldwide already. Omygoodnessme. And none of them sharing porn any more, since that was quickly banned by the developer after features like this (NSFW link) proved uncannily popular in the early days. And that was clean living iPhone owners. Imagine what the Android scum will get up to.

Vine has spawned some interesting, almost artistic new forms beyond those which celebrate our carnal pleasures. Vine Roulette is a curious way to spend an afternoon in six second segments of other people’s company, and there’s plenty of art you can squeeze into six seconds too.

Via TechCrunch

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

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