Data nerds: StatsSA publishes monthly mag (and it’s quite good)

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stats sa appHere’s something you probably didn’t know. Grand collector and distributor of  South Africa government information, StatsSA, has an iOS app. And it’s actually rather good. The organisation uses it to publish information about economic indicators and census reports, and as well as the dry, solemn write-ups of statistical information to which you’re used (or would be if you ever hung around StatsSA on a Friday evening), there’s lots of little interactive graphs and data explorers embedded on almost every page.

It’s an interesting idea – although it only works with iPad at the moment – and while my open data head says it’s bad because it uses a proprietary format akin to interactive PDF developed by Roambi, it’s a way of making tough data a bit more accessible to all. StatsSA says that it plans to publish monthly economic data in the app, along with the less frequent round-ups of health statistics, gender breakdowns and more. It’s very good. You should check it out now.

We would have written this story when the first monthly report was originally released, a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason it wasn’t appearing in the app’s library.

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

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