Obama announces $10 million campaign to fight wildlife poaching

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US President Barack Obama used the final leg of his African trip in Tanzania to announce a $10mil federal initiative  to fight against wildlife poaching and trafficking in Africa. The US State Department will be charged with providing $10mil in technical assistance and training in Kenya, South Africa, and the sub-Saharan region to curb poaching of rhinos and elephants. The White House also established the Presidential Task Force on Wildlife Trafficking who have been tasked with creating a national strategy for the fight against poaching within the next six months.

According to the the UN Environmental Programme, the global ivory trade has doubled since 2007, and tripled since 1998 with approximately 30,000 elephants being poached last year alone with demand for the ivory from the animals being fueled by demand from Asia. Let’s hope the monetary assistance will allow South African nature reserves to install some of those sound triangulating cameras from Kenya.



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