Swift Identity launches free 2-factor authentication for websites

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2-factor authentication is a method for securing your online accounts by adding another security feature over and above your password to your account. Services like Google, Microsoft and Facebook already offer 2-factor authentication for their services but it’s an expensive addition for a lot of online companies who sometimes don’t have the manpower or the capital to finance the extra feature. Swift Identity is looking to change that for all online sites by offering a 2-factor authentication plugin for any website who wants it, for free.

According to CEO Robert Masse all you need to do is “Write ten lines of code and you’ll have two-factor authentication on your site,” which is something that should entice a legion of new subscribers to the service. Masse and the other co-founders of Swift Identity all have backgrounds in banking, governments, aerospace companies, and the military in security making them a brains trust on how online security should theoretically be done. While 2-factor authentication is being offered for free to anyone who signs up for it, Swift has a catalogue of products for user management that aren’t free which it hopes it can upsell all of its new customers on “Offering two-factor authentication for free is our entry,” says Masses, “No-one offers it for free.”

If you haven’t setup 2-factor authentication for your Facebook, Google and Microsoft accounts, then take a look at our easy guide to setting it up, it could prevent disaster if someone tries to hack you.

David Greenway

David Greenway

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