Mac owners, iStores will help you upgrade to OS X Mavericks

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If you’ve read our extensive review of Mac OS X Mavericks, and have been left wanting to upgrade without downloading a 5GB installer, you’re in luck.

Core Group confirms that Mac owners just need to take an 8GB USB drive to an iStore, where staff will assist in copying the large installer. After that it’s as simple as going home, plugging the USB stick into your Mac, and double-clicking the installer. While the upgrade might be free, the bandwidth to download it isn’t.

If you have a capped internet connection it’s a far more convenient way to upgrade than trying to get the large file downloaded. With the update procedure for Windows 8.1 requiring a 3GB download for each computer running Windows 8, this should give your ADSL line or 3G wireless connection a bit of a break.




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