Assassin’s Creed board game coming soon

Assassin’s Creed has inspired many games, comic books and even a movie over the years, but now the franchise can add “board game” to its tally.

Assassin’s Creed Arena is a new board game that brings the fighting, assassinating and running away of the videogame to living rooms everywhere. It’s been designed for two to four players, and it involves the amassing of Victory Points through target and opponent assassinations in several scenarios, while dodging guards and hiding when appropriate. The challenge is to manage your cards and tactics better than your opponents do.

While Arena sounds pretty easy in principle, it’s apparently quite complicated, with a lot of rules to remember governing what you can and can’t do. Anne Lewis from the official Ubisoft Blog has written a lengthy feature on the game, explaining the basic idea behind it in fairly simple terms; if you’re interested in board games or Assassin’s Creed, it’s well worth a read.

Ubisoft made the game together with Cryptozoic Entertainment, the makers of the well-received Walking Dead and Adventure Time board games and card decks, so it has a pretty decent pedigree.

Assassin’s Creed Arena retails for $50 (that’s currently around R550 or so), and will be available from the 26th of February. Getting your hands on it means you need to pre-order it directly from the Cryptozoic website.

Unfortunately, they don’t ship to South Africa so you’ll need to make another plan to get it here, either by couriering it or by having a friend or relative in the US or Canada send it to you.

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