Facebook Paper to feature exclusive TED content

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If you can’t make your way down to JoziHub to watch the live streaming of the TED 2014 conference but have an iOS device, we have good news for you.

Facebook and TED have announced the ‘Ideas’ section of Facebook’s news reader and publishing iOS app, Paper, will feature exclusive TED content throughout TED 2014 currently underway in Canada until this Friday, giving Paper users access to status updates, blog posts, photos, TED Talks videos and presentations from TED fellows.

“When there are timely events where there’s something going on this week that really matters to a lot of people or may be really interesting to a lot of people, Paper sections can be a great way for them to get instantly connected to it,” says Michael Reckhow, the Facebook product manager for Paper. “So for TED, we’re going to allow a lot of people to effectively experience a lot of the stuff that’s going on at TED, even if you’re not there, through Paper.”

Don’t have Paper on your iOS device? Read up on how to download it, in this article.