The two wearable devices that could help you find love

The Wizz pendant and Connect wristband do more than just look pretty around your neck and hand, they’re designed to help you find love by pointing you to the direction of someone who may be compatible.

The two wearable devices were created respectively by Marie Noury and Toby Stopper, who are interns at the LUNAR design studio in San Francisco, as part of LUNAR’s Moondust project for interns.

Noury’s Wizz pendant collects information from apps you use such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and uses it to sense compatibility and match you with someone who’s nearby whom you may like and is also wearing the Wizz around their neck.


“I want to inject a sense of spontaneity and surprise, and play off the feeling you get when you first meet that special person – the smell, butterflies and excitement,” Noury told LUNAR.

Stopper’s Connect wristband lets you input all your interests into its database and broadcasts a subtle glow in a range of customisable colours whenever you meet someone who has interests similar to yours  who’s also wearing a Connect and signifies to them that you’re up for a chat.


“It’s also a high-tech charm bracelet outfitted with small, abstract icons,” Toby said. “To someone who’s in-the-know it’s a real-life ‘About Me,’ with the wearer broadcasting identifiers like ‘adventurous’ or ‘artistic’.”

Both the Wizz and Connect are just concepts for now, but who knows how it could change the dating scene if they ever do become a reality. Watch the video below to see them in action.

[Source: psfk Images: LUNAR]


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