Video: Intel ISEF – Kissing tsunamis goodbye

They say prevention is sometimes better than a cure. But what happens when preventative measures are taking too long to implement, like the early warning systems for tsunamis? Well, then you work on a cure. And that’s exactly what Boyd Kane, ISEF finalist from Bishops in Cape Town, South Africa did when he started studying tsunamis. […]

Video: Intel ISEF – Cheap, effective and safe iris scanning

Iris scanning and its dependence on laser light may be useful as another factor of biometric security, but it’s expensive to implement. It’s also not all that healthy to be shining lasers into your eyes. Sophia Demetriou, ISEF finalist from Selly Park Secondary School in Rustenburg, South Africa doesn’t believe it should be that way. Her entry to […]

You can now buy Kickstarted items from the MoMA Design Store

For the next two months, online shoppers, New York City residents and visitors will have the chance to buy 24 limited edition Kickstarter-funded projects through the MoMA Design Store.  There’s a diverse range of hand-selected items on show, from small electronic products, to accessories, toys, decor pieces, instruments and much more. Everything in the collection was chosen by MoMA’s curators and […]

Nikon brings things closer with new telephoto lens

Looking for something to capture a distant subject with crystal clarity? Nikon South Africa has released the AF-S NIKKOR 400mm MM f/2.8E FL ED VR – a super-telephoto, fixed focal length (prime) lens. With a focal length of 400mm you will be able to bring far-away objects into close view for setting up the perfect […]