You Should Be Watching: TRDQ by Gavin Spence

Ever since the release of the LEGO Optimus Prime earlier this year we’ve been on a real Transformers kick, which has lead us down the YouTube rabbit hole of Transformers channels and to one of our favourite channels on the entire platform is TRDQ.

Toy Reviews Done Quick (TRDQ) by Gavin Spence, as the name suggests, is a channel focused on shorter videos which quickly cover various toys with a focus on Transformers.

Up until recently the T in TRDQ actually did stand for Transformers, but was changed for the 200th episode so that the channel could branch out to cover all manner of plastic.

What really makes TRDQ special is Spence himself. The amount of jokes and clever humour that is stuffed into each short video is insanely impressive and TRDQ has become one of the few YouTube channels that we can depend on for a laugh with every upload.

The videos are so dense with this humour that you can watch the same video back to back and still find jokes that you missed out on, despite the short runtime.

You’ll find yourself binging these videos only to pick up on a lot of recurring gags, such as the “fictitious” secret hot tub at the Transformers event TFNation and Spence assuring us that his dad is several famous characters, both real and fictional.

Also appearing in every video is the Autobot Repugnus who is the channel mascot. Repugnus and Spence have a love-hate relationship which adds to the dynamic of the videos and we’re always happy to see the weird insect robot appear.

We’ve embedded some videos on this page already but we also want to recommend some specific favourites: Energon “Fatimus” Prime, Combiner Wars Technobots and an insane third party Transformer that changes into a knockoff Nerf gun.

Aside from our obvious recommendation to subscribe to TRDQ and watch all the uploads, we’re also pointing you in the direction of Spence’s Twitter account.

There the jokes continue but you also get more to look at as Spence is an illustrator and will routinely share great pieces of art. Some of our recent likes include a roughed up Optimus Prime, something for the Transformers Armada fans, the Power Couple and a bit of horror.

Oh and you will also find many pictures of Toby the dog who appears in several videos, which is reason enough to follow.

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