You Should Be Watching: The challenge videos of Nerbit

The internet is an amazing place because you can ask questions like: can you beat Fallout games while cosplaying as Abraham Lincoln? Is a fishing rod only build viable in Skyrim? Can the Arkham series be done hitless without going insane?

Not only can you ask these questions through the internet but, thanks to YouTube channel Nerbit, you can have them answered too.

This channel focuses on challenges with a speciality in Bethesda games, especially the Fallout series. Many of its videos take the form of trying to beat these games with, usually, one massive stipulation that fundamentally changes how it can be played.

In the aforementioned Arkham example that’s rather easy to explain as Nerbit tries to beat Arkham Asylum and Arkham City without taking damage. Ever.

The other challenges are a bit more involved. The Skyrim fishing pole build isn’t just to see how strong you can get with a poll and some tackle, but rather it’s to see if Big The Cat could survive in Skyrim using only his beloved fishing rod as a weapon.

The Fallout series is where some of the best challenges come from, though. The Abraham Lincoln playthroughs for Fallout 3 (part one and part two) as well as Fallout: New Vegas see Nerbit not only reaching the credits using the weapons and clothes of the dead president that are present in the game, but also going through and freeing every NPC who is considered a slave…

And then killing the slave owners.

What makes these runs so fun, aside from the commentary, is the creativity which only RPGs can provide. Pocket sand runs, playing as Elvis, unarmed challenges, BB gun fun and more is the kind of madness you can usually only enjoy when you’re let free in an RPG, specifically one from Bethesda.

Not only has Nerbit been a consistent source of enjoyment over the last few months that we’ve been subscribed, but it’s also got us very excited for the next Bethesda title in the form of Starfield.

The game broke cover again recently after a few months of radio silence and it seems to still be on track for release some time this year. We’re sure some fun challenges will also sprout out from that, and now in space.

On top of everything else Nerbit is also a very consistent uploader bringing us new challenge videos every single week with a new entry usually arriving on Friday afternoons, perfect to turn on and watch over dinner.

Finally, for those who have already watched a few of these videos – and hopefully subscribed – we recommend the 100 00 subscriber special which is a Q&A that answers a lot about the person behind the channel, how it came to be and why an Electrode superimposed over a picture of Tony Stark is the channel mascot.

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