You Should Be Watching: DankPods

If we told you that one of our favourite channels on YouTube is based on iPods you may think that we have some unhealthy obsession with Apple, but that’s not the case because DankPods really is something else.

Despite the name DankPods doesn’t just cover iPods, but also the entire industry that Apple created for digital music players in the 2000’s and the bizarre time in tech history that it created.

If that still sounds a bit dry to you hit play on some of the videos embedded on this page because the Aussie bloke behind the channel has endless wit and humour that makes every single upload a treat.

As you watch the videos you will start to pick up on several recurring jokes, references and mannerisms that make the videos even better. From the shouting of battery types, the “one grit sandpaper”, the sexy voice speaker and Frank the snake, there’s a lot of layered content here that you will start to appreciate as time goes on.

There’s also the distinctively Australian-ness of it all. For those in the UK and the US this will seem like a shot of international content for for us in South Africa it’s an odd mix of the foreign and the local.

For example Cash Converters is mentioned several times as a source of iPods and knockoffs for videos, and called “Cashies”. While Cash Converters is an Australian company that has branches all over the world, it’s got a large footprint here in South Africa and we’re willing to bet many local customers didn’t even know it’s an international company.

While the focus is on MP3 players on this channel there’s also a strong music focus. DankPods is a musician (something we’ll come back to later) and uses his experience in the field to offer great insight into peripherals.

You can argue that DankPods’ reviews of certain items such as headphones wonders into the audiophile world where things like sounds stages are discussed, but the videos always offer a broader appeal and keep in mind those who may not care about the minutia, and those who don’t want to spend the cost of a used car on some headphones.

And these videos are very approachable so you don’t even need to know what a sound stage is to enjoy the reviews.

Oh, and here’s a real stinger to end things off on: DankPods is also DankMus, a musician who occasionally goes viral for clever tracks which use classic Simpsons as a selection of samples.

Our favourites from DankMus to get you going include – Y O U – G O T – T H E – D U D –, – P U T – I T – I N – H – and – I – S A I D – F R E N C H – F R I E S –.

And yes, writing the names of the songs – LIKE – THIS – is part of the essential DankMus experience. You will notice that many of the comments use this strange writing style as a way to share jokes.

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