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The great thing about YouTube is that it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole and become invested in a hobby you never dreamed of giving a second glance to. While this may be terrible for your productivity it’s fun when it happens and recently for us that hobby has been restoring model cars thanks to channel baremetalHW.

From that description you can probably surmise that the “HW” in the name of the channel relates to Hot Wheels and this is a big focus of the videos. Most people know that certain old Hot Wheels cars hold value in the collector’s market but what we didn’t know is that many of those older cars can also be resotred and modified, just like real vintage cars.

The format of baremetalHW videos is usually dedicating one video to each project car. Unlike the real car YouTube channels which stretch car projects over many videos and multiple months (or years), every upload from this channel is it’s own contained endeavour.

This means that you get the before and after as well as the interesting parts in the middle about how everything came together.

The channel is also not limited to the Hot Wheels brand. See the latest upload from baremetalHW which restores a Politoy model of the famous Lancia Stratos HF Zero prototype car.

As you watch more baremetalHW videos mention will be made of previous instructional projects put out in the past which show watchers what to do should they want to try any of this hobby work for themselves.

The how to videos playlist on the channel has a whopping 67 entries and covers just about every technique used in the projects you see. Water transfer tattoos used as car decals, re-casting metal parts, adding working headlights and more are all included.

How to videos usually have a bad reputation as being utilitarian but these are all fun watches for their own reasons. Even if you’re someone who has absolutely no plans to electropolish a toy car or polish fake windshields, the methods for doing so are intriguing are worth your time.

Finally, for those worn out by cars the channel occasionally takes on some other projects still involving miniatures.

Our favourite of these is a mech from Twisted Metal. As explained in the video this is an accompaniment to Sweet Tooth van created from a regular Hot Wheels car.

baremetalHW represents the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hobby channels on YouTube.

Click around in the suggested videos to find more like these as it’s a fun time seeing the passion and resourcefulness of dedicated hobbyists around the world. Just don’t blame us when you’re considering spending entire paychecks on air compressors and fancy paints.

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