Piracy problem child Popcorn Time finds a home on Android

When Popcorn Time first came to our attention it was obvious that the Netflix-like movie streaming app would be in serious trouble with the big wigs in Hollywood – Popcorn Time uses torrent files to download the content without the permission of the rights holders.

Popcorn Time shut its doors in four days, with the creators citing that it had taken over their lives, rather than legal issues with the film and TV industry being the root cause of the closure. And since Popcorn Time was an open source project, it took just two days for it to be re-released to the public and now, a mere three months later, it has a mobile app for Android.

The folks at the creatively named have managed to port almost everything from their desktop version of Popcorn Time to Android with the same look and feel greeting users who downloaded the original. The app, which was available in Google’s Play Store for a short period of time – Google pulled it for “intellectual property violation” – is now only available for download from the Time4Popcorn site .

True to the original intentions for Popcorn Time, all of the files for the Android version, as well as all of the other platforms that Time4Popcorn have made, are available for anyone to download and use at the Time4Popcorn Github repository.

Once again we must stress that we don’t condone file sharing without the appropriate permissions from rights holders at, but would love to see Hollywood embrace the fact that the internet has, for all intents and purposes, removed the need for geo-fenced content.

[Image and story via – TechCrunch]


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