MTN offers cut price Simfy streaming to customers

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Mobile operator MTN is making another push into the mobile music space by allowing subscribers to access music streaming service Simfy Africa for free. The deal involves subscribers trying out the full-featured service for a two-week period, after which they can continue using it for R49 a month.

“All customers will have the opportunity to try the full service, and enjoy all of its features during a two-week free trial period,” MTN said in a press statement.

The deal works out to R11 a month less than subscribing to Simfy using a different network. The standard Premium Plus package is R60 a month, and MTN isn’t discounting or eliminating data charges for using Simfy on the go.

The news come on the back of speculation that Vodacom could be close to signing a deal with Spotify to bring one of the world’s most well-known music streaming services to Africa.

“The negotiations underscore the race among African telecommunications carriers to link up with content partners as music and movie downloads over the Internet and smartphones surge. MTN Group, Africa’s biggest wireless operator, is in discussions with an Asia-based TV-content provider. Fixed-line carrier Telkom has held talks with media companies including Netflix Inc. and Comcast Corp. about using its network to deliver content,” Bloomberg wrote.

MTN highlighted that a wealth of music is being made available to its subscribers on all platforms. “Customers can access an endless supply of music across multiple devices including their computer, tablet and smartphone,” MTN said.

Simfy Africa, a subsidiary of its German parent company, confirmed that they will be making a big push into Africa.

“We have a strong African focus. As a company which is locally based, we ensure that our product is targeted to the needs of the South African consumer, both in technology and music choices.  This partnership with MTN will further extend this ethos, allowing us to offer added and exclusive benefits,” said Gillian Ezra, COO of Simfy Africa.

There are 23 million songs available for streaming on Android, iOS or Blackberry smartphones.

[Source – Bloomberg, image – Shutterstock]

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

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