Microsoft wants you to test Office for Android

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Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, has taken no time at all in stamping his authority all over the Washington-based tech giant. Having already presided over the launch of Microsoft’s Office productivity suite for Apple’s iPad range of tablets, Nadella’s next task might just be bringing the software to Android tablets.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is planning to begin a private beta testing of the touch-optimised Office for Android tablets applications. It would join Office for iPad, as well as the Office Mobile applications, that Microsoft has already released for both iOS and Android smartphones. It’s becoming quite clear that the company wants users of its software on any platform, rather than just the Windows operating systems that it creates.

It would also mean that the touch-optimised versions of Office would be available on both Android and iOS tablets before it becomes available for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system where currently only a desktop-based version of the productivity suite is available.

As with the iPad version of the productivity apps, we expect that the Word, Powerpoint and Excel apps will be free to download, but will only allow you to view office documents unless you have a subscription to Microsoft’s cloud based Office 365 which will unlock the ability to edit and create documents using the apps as well.

There is no doubt that Microsoft is changing the way that it does business to adapt to the fact that Windows is no longer the dominant operating system on earth and as Nadella has said beforeApps power experiences across devices. We (Microsoft) will not be bound to one app, on one device, in one place”.


David Greenway

David Greenway

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