Songwriter records tribute to space exploration using Neil Armstrong’s heartbeat

Many tributes and celebrations were held to mark the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and the landing of the first man on the moon yesterday, but one that’s quite interesting is this remake of a John Lennon song composed by a Berlin-based musician using the exact sound of Neil Armstrong’s heartbeat as he disembarked from the spacecraft onto the moon.

Louise Gold remade John Lennon’s song titled “Oh My Love” combining Armstrong’s heartbeat and frequencies from NASA’s Voyager 1 interstellar space mission . Gold had heard the sound of Armstrong’s heartbeat over the radio during a show that mentioned how his heart started to beat faster as he landed on the moon and normalised again while walking on its surface and recognised how this sound could be used for a song’s rhythm.

Gold combined the heartbeat with a clip of the sounds detected by the Voyager, which she had discovered on NASA’s sound library, after noticing a harmony between the two sounds.

The song also features the voices of Armstrong  and the music video is made up of actual video footage during the mission in 1969.

Watch the “Oh My Love” remake in the video below:

[Source – CNET, Image – NASA]


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