[WATCH] Five of the best theatrical EFF parliament comments

How many of us can honestly say we used to attentively watch parliamentary debates on TV before Julius Malema and his red Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) army joined?

Since the very first day the party was sworn into parliament in Cape Town, the EFF has been making headlines for unruly and theatrical conduct that has left many of us in stitches due to the sheer absurdity (but sometimes brutal honesty) we’ve been seeing on Parliament TV.

Here are some of the best (in terms of humour and popularity) EFF comments below:

1. EFF Deputy Leader Floyd Shivambu debating ANC MP Buti Manamela’s “honourability” (in his own words) and why he should not call him a liar.

2. “You murdered people in Marikana”.

The first time the EFF got kicked out of parliament for refusing to withdraw a statement on the ANC killing Marikana miners.

3. “Payback the money.”

The EFF gets kicked out of parliament again, for ordering President Jacob Zuma to pay back the money used to upgrade his Nkandla homestead. Sound was turned on and off at certain points. (Notice President Zuma’s facial expression).

4. “You are not going to tell me how to debate.”

5. Whistling is “unparliamentary.” 

Malema takes offence at being told his party members’ whistling is “unparliamentary”.

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