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Doctor Who wants to teach kids about coding

To the everyday man, computer and software coding can seem like an incredibly complex venture. While it might be, with a little bit of understanding and explanation, it has the possibility of becoming rather easy – especially when done at a young age.

That is exactly what the UK’s BBC is trying to do with its Doctor Who video game. The British broadcaster has developed several computer games aimed at children in the past, but The Doctor and The Dalek (which launches this Wednesday), aims to teach kids about coding.

The game will be launched as part of the BBC’s Make it Digital initiative, which aims to inspire young minds and encourage them to explore the worlds of programming, coding and who technology works.

The central plot will revolve around the current Doctor, voiced by actor Peter Capaldi, who helps a Dalek back to full strength so that the pair can take on any evil forces that are thrown their way.

The BBC explained that the game includes “a range of puzzles [that] are featured throughout the game, where players must take control of the Dalek and program it to ‘power up’ its ability to perform a range of tasks, such as flying. Each puzzle unlocks an achievement that helps the Doctor build the Dalek back to full strength, ensuring it can take on increasingly difficult challenges as the game progresses.”

In a BBC blog post, Future Media director Ralph Rivera explained that the game’s main goal is to expose kids to coding who have never had the opportunity.

“It’s about introducing it to people who don’t know anything about it. If you go to parts of the UK where coding and engineering are driving the economy – it’s really exciting. So I think it’s about introducing it to new audiences and new young people so they understand the opportunities around it. And the way its transforming the way people work and the way people enjoy themselves. The better we get at that, the better the country is going to be and the more young people we’re going to have who are successful.”

The game will be made available here.

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