New app set to help students decide what to study at university

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Attention high school learners: are you confused by your options for tertiary education? Frustrated by the lack of information available about what courses are on offer where? Not sure what your current predicted grades will qualify you for?

You might want to keep out for Gradesmatch – a mobile application currently under development at Innovation Hub which is on the hunt for partners to help develop and adapt the system for South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Getting a hold of and comparing information from individual Universities, Colleges and TVET Colleges (formerly known as FET colleges) can be a hassle as learners try to access as many of them as possible while keeping costs at a minimum. Gradesmatch aims to remedy this problem by matching a pupil’s results to the specific admission requirements of a higher learning institution.

A learner making use of the app would then be able to evaluate their performance and know where to improve in order to obtain entry into the institution of their choice. A comprehensive prospectus for tertiary education is also included on the app in addition to career information.

Right now, 200 pupils are using the app as part of an ongoing pilot, but technology consultant and Gradesmatch team member Rhudzani Mulaudi says that the team behind it want to launch at the end of May.

Most school students currently learn about their tertiary education options through outreach programs run by colleges and universities – but those institutions are not able to visit every high school. Which makes Gradesmatch an app to watch.