Stage 2 loadshedding here until 10pm tonight

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Just as we begin to recuperate following Stage 2 load shedding for over six hours on Monday Eskom has announced that further power cuts will be implemented throughout Tuesday. The announcement was made in the early hours of this morning on Eskom’s twitter and facebook pages.

Snarky comments on both social media platforms seem to have led to Eskom tweeting a reminder that “#Load_shedding is a necessary measure to protect the power system.’’ shortly thereafter.

Load shedding will be implemented at in two hour blocks until ten pm tonight in different parts of the country. Stage 2 load shedding is a series of national power cuts that aim to shed nearly 2000 MW off the national load.

Eskom customers are urged to visit Eskom’s website for load shedding schedules for your area. Municipal customers need to issue for individual municipalities load shedding schedules.

[Image: CC by 3.0/Manojk]