Taxi commuters set to enjoy free internet connectivity and mobile content

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Taxi rides in parts of Gauteng and the Western Cape are about to become more thrilling. Moovah! is an in-taxi Wi-Fi device that will enable free internet connectivity and mobile content in 75 minibus taxis from today, at no cost.

To take advantage of this pilot project, commuters must download the free Moovah! app, which is available for BlackBerry and Android smartphones through their respective storefronts.

User interface of Moovah! The app can be used on select minibus taxis in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

The Moovah! app is an idea originated by Onroot CEO Megan Harrison. Her company partnered with Absa and SA Taxi on this project, which she revealed has taken about a year to reach this stage.

Megan also told those attending the launch in Johannesburg earlier today that demand for this service by taxi operators is high. “Every single taxi operator we invited came for the installation because all parties will benefit. They will become preferred service providers for commuters and earn revenue as a media outlet for organisations using Moovah! to promote their products”.

Bonisile Makubalo from SA Taxi described the app as an important form of empowerment that’ll help taxi owners faced with ever-increasing petrol prices and input costs to maintain profits.

The trade off from the commuters’ side was explained in the press release handed out during the launch. Commuters will earn data by engaging with promotions through the app like participating in surveys, providing personal details and watching adverts during his or her commute. This earns points, which then activates the access to moving content and internet connectivity.

One hundred points earned on the Moovah! app is equal 10MB of data and R1 worth of content. Megan also told us during the launch that content will be localised. Ashwin Kandoi of Winjit Technologies, the company that developed the technology for Moovah!, says the app will be available for smartphone users only and is unlikely to ever be introduced for feature phones as they are becoming less popular with consumers.

Absa’s Juanetta Matelakengisa believes that the Moovah app will ensure that more customers get access to finance and the formal economy this way.

Commuters in Gauteng and the Western Cape, be on the lookout for taxis carrying the Moovah! logo in order to connect to the Moovah! Wi-Fi platform for access to music, games, videos and articles without using your pay-as you-go or contract data.



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