Typing too energetic for you? Lazyboard is a zero-effort keyboard for your phone

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Ever since those early Nokia phones back in the late 90s, predictive text entry has been swimming tide – sorry, saving time – for typists working on small screens and keyboards. You’d think that with tablets, tablets and large screen phones we’d be happy. But apparently not.

Lazyboard is a new Android keyboard app that aims to reduce the amount of effort exerted during typing even further. Preferably to one ham fisted stab per word or less. It basically replaces the entire keyboard with those “quick reply” messages becoming common in SMS apps.

The app makes it possible to access, through a simple tap, handy expressions that we use during conversations we are not interested in. Including words that usually bring conversations to an abrupt end like “cool”, “ok” and “haha”.

Lazyboard, however, also aims to take the effort out of conversation altogether by giving you quirky or imaginative options for replies. Unlike predictive text, will also introduce you to new words to stop a boring conversation dead in its tracks.

Developer Prem Adithya told technology website Wired that inspiration for the app came as he observed how these words are used frequently to turn down an annoying conversation or one that is unwelcome. Lazyboard is available for free download while the more sophisticated Lazyboard Pro which allows customization and program shortcuts is priced at R17.50. Lazyboard has been dowloaded over 5000 times to date. Below are pictorials of the keyboard. Have a lazy day!