Google Play Music Streaming Free

Google Play Music launches free streaming service ahead of Apple Music

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Google has launched an ad-supported free streaming music option of its Google Play Music service in what looks like a bid to attract users to its music platform ahead of the launch of Apple Music. That’s a lot of music for one sentence.

The free service offers curated playlists based around days of the week, moods, musical eras and activities (such as the perfect track to drink your gourmet coffee to – seriously), which apparently have been compiled by ‘a team of musical experts’. The playlists themselves aren’t particularly new, as Google basically inherited them when they acquired music recommendation service Songza last year.

Google’s likely hoping that offering a free options will attract more paying subscribers and if you’re prepared to pony up the cash, you get a range of features that include uninterrupted streaming and catalogue of around 30 million songs.


While you aren’t able to compile your own playlists in the free service – as you can on say, Spotify or Rdio – the Google Play Music playlists cover a pretty wide range of tastes and moods and we have to say, we’re looking forward to trying out ‘Entering Beast Mode’.

Of course, in order to do this, we’re going to have to download a VPN as Google Play Music isn’t available in South Africa yet. So while Google’s attempts to increase its music service’s audience may be successful overseas – albeit intermittently – it probably won’t make a dent on Apple Music’s audience when it launches here.

Aside from irking a few artists over royalties, Apple Music seems like an enticing prospect; consumers can sign up for a free thirty-day trial and it’ll be available on both iOS and Android devices.