The $29m FIFA movie made just $607 in its opening weekend in the US

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While the executives of FIFA are seeing who can rat each other out the quickest, many people seemed to have forgotten about the movie United Passions. What is that, you say? Well, it’s the movie about FIFA, of course!

United Passions details the origins of FIFA and it came out just days after Sepp Blatter (the last president) was forced to resign amidst corruption charges that lead to the arrest of seven other executives.

The film, which starred Tim Roth as Sepp Blatter (oh, Tim! What happened?) was released in America this past weekend in only ten theatres, and The Hollywood Reporter is stating that it only made $607.

If this was a student film made with a GoPro and edited in Windows Movie Maker, a $607 (or R7603.31) income would actually be impressive. But this is not a student film made with Friday’s beer money; it’s budget was reported as being between $25 million and $32 million, with FIFA apparently footing $18.75 million to $24 million of that.

Even if United Passions doesn’t make a cent more, the loss is still minute when compared to the top five box office bombs:

Rank Title Production budget Worldwide gross Estimated losses Year
1 47 Ronin $225,000,000 $150,962,475 $149,518,763 2013
2 Mars Needs Moms $150,000,000 $38,992,758 $130,503,621 2011
3 The 13th Warrior $100–160,000,000 $61,698,899 $69,150,551—129,150,551 1999
4 The Lone Ranger $225–250,000,000 $260,502,115 $94,748,943—119,748,943 2013


To end we present, without alteration, sarcasm or comment, the official description for the movie:

“The saga of the World Cup and the three wholly honest and ethical men who created it.”


[Source – The Hollywood Reporter]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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