[Map Monday] Google searches show how “uninterested” S.Africans are in health issues

If stats from Google Trends are anything to go by, South Africans aren’t that interested in issues involving health, sustainable energy, climate change and the environment.

The search engine published an interactive map of the top health and sustainable development searches from around the world and insights into which countries searched for them the most.

South Africa ranked 44th out of 210 countries that are interested in health issues.

A closer look at the map shows our neighbours Swaziland, Lesotho, Bostwana, Namibia and Zimbabwe rank higher at 2nd, 4th, 6th, 32nd and 40th respectively. Mozambique is tied with us at 44th.

The map reveals that among the other listed issues, the one South Africans are most interested in is youth (39th out of 210) and the one we’re least interested in is the environment (114th out of 210).

Now, this of course cannot be a definite indication of how much we care about all these, because one can’t go on Google searches alone to determine that. But it’s an interesting statistic nonetheless.

Below are the top ten countries that are the most and least interested in health:

Top countries searching for health

  1. Cook Islands
  2. Swaziland
  3. Tuvalu
  4. Lesotho
  5. Bermuda
  6. Botswana
  7. Grenada
  8. British Virgin Islands
  9. Jersey
  10. Cuba

Countries searching the least for health

  1. Italy
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. Serbia
  4. Hungary
  5. San Marino
  6. Iraq
  7. Azerbaijan
  8. Slovakia
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Armenia

[Source – Google Trends. Image – CC 2.0 by Tela Chhe]


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