You can now earn money with M4JAM microjobs on your desktop

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If you’re among 80 000 South Africans earning a bit of extra cash with the M4JAM microjobbing platform on WeChat, you can now also do so on desktop with the newly-launched M4JAM website. works just like its mobile counterpart, the only difference is that you get direct access to it via a browser rather than an app.

M4JAM on mobile
M4JAM on mobile
M4JAM website
M4JAM website

If you’re not already a “jobber”, as users are called, you’ll first have to sign up by submitting your details on the website. If you are already a jobber, you can just log in using the phone number you have registered on WeChat and your M4JAM password.

“If you’ve ever had device compatibility issues, you’ll be happy to know that some of them will be solved by jobbing directly through M4JAM,” the company said.

M4JAM also announced last week that they have been chosen as finalists for the 2015 MTN Business App of the Year Awards in the Wild Card category.