British man makes giant drone big enough to carry a British man

We really do love RC flying models.

From commercially available drones, to quadcopters to military drones that have missiles mounted on them.

The only drawback as that none of these wonderful flying machines are capable of taking us airborne; the closest we can get to seeing the world from a drone’s perspective is through a First Person View (FPV) headsets, which connect to cameras we can mount on them.

However, British Youtube creator gasturbine101 (no real name given) has managed to use a drone, or rather, a ton of drones to defy gravity.

The craft he’s designed, named “The Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone Flying” is purely a plaything and not his pitch for a job at Lockheed Martin. As he puts it himself:

“Just a bit of fun for my self, never intended for making a significant journey or flying much above head height. Approx cost £6000.”

The creation is comprised of a frame housing 54 propellors, a chair for the pilot with the control and battery box under it, and skids that everything rests upon. The specs list is extensive, though:

  • 54 counter-rotation propellers.
  • Six grouped control channels with KK2.15 stabilization.
  • Take off weight: 148kg.
  • Max lift, approx. 164kg.
  • Endurance: 10 minutes.
  • Power: approx. 22KW.

That strange number of 54 separate propellers was chosen as it fits the hexagonal close pack layout (a layout that works well to push air downward). That high number is also good for redundancy, and the creator is sure that only the pilot and his controls could be the failure points.

This video brought a smile to our collective face, not because of its impressiveness inherent in creating a homemade flying vehicle, but by the homespun nature of it all. It felt like we were watching grainy footage of early flying machines, only this time they worked to perfection.

While you’re on the channel that brought you this, we highly recommend that you check out some of the other videos. We may not know this man’s real name, but he has a Rolls Royce jet turbine in his backyard, and that makes him fine by us.

[Source – Youtube]


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