Huawei aims to pioneer 5G tech, predicts 10Gbps online speed by 2020

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Chines telecoms giant Huawei says the world will make gigantic strides in internet technology as it moves to 5G, reaching 10Gbps speeds in the next five years.

Huawei revealed this last week during a tour of its data centre at its headquarters in the city of Shenzhen, which was invited to visit.

Huawei’s research and development department, which has 16 centres and 170 000 employees around the world, is partnering with various carriers, researchers and stakeholders, including the University of Surrey in the UK, to make its predictions a reality.

The Chinese company says it envisions a world where smartphones and wearable technology will be the centre of people’s lives with which they’ll be able to stay connected to everything around them at work, home and public areas.

In November 2014, Huawei and Asian telecoms company, SingTel, announced plans to launch the Fifth Generation (5G) Joint Innovation Program research hub dedicated to advancing 5G tech.

Huawei will have reportedly poured a minimum of $600 million into  global 5G research and development by 2018.

According to Huawei, 5G, which will be around 1 000 times faster than the current 4G technology, will be central in enabling 6.5 billion people around the world and 100 billion additional products such as vehicles, home appliances, and medical devices, to connect to the internet via mobile networks.

Huawei also says we can expect to see 1.5 billion in-car connections and one million connections per square kilometre.

With a predicted latency of 1ms, Huawei aims to deliver near-zero-delay and near-zero-distance connection experiences to mobile network users and enable faster connectivity in private and public industries.

The mobile broadband market’s worth has been set at $2 trillion, of which Huawei will be a major beneficiary, if it manages to deliver on its predictions.

[Image – CC 2.0 by Michael Coghlan]