Return orders paid for with PayPal for free from today

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From today, PayPal’s Refund Return policy in South Africa allows consumers to return items that were purchased online using PayPal as a payment method and claim shipping costs back from PayPal.


As long as the return falls within the PayPal Refund Return policy’s terms and conditions South Africans will be able to make use of this free service.

Consumers have to  pay the shipping costs to return items up front, but they can then able to submit a claim of up to R400 in value to PayPal a maximum of four times a year.

You’ll will need to submit your receipts for the shipping you’ve paid for PayPal and complete the online claim form. Once you’ve done that and PayPal has approved the request, your PayPal account will be credited within five working days.

In the case of receiving a refund from a merchant, the refund should reflect in your account within 10 working days.

Though you do have to pay upfront the claim process is quite simple.
Though you do have to pay upfront the claim process is quite simple, fast and safe.

In a statement sent to Regional Director for PayPal in Africa and Israel, Efi Dahan, spoke about the new offering stating that, “it is not surprising that they [online shoppers] expect better service, safer payment options, the assurance that what they buy is what they will get and an easy way to return items”.

The service is still in the initial testing phase and shoppers will be able to make use of the service up until the end of this year – just in time for grandma to return that imported Christmas jumper you didn’t like.

[Source – PayPal]


Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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