Over 1 million smart ID cards issued in 2015, gov looks set to reach targets

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The South African government has issued over one million Smart ID Cards this year and by the looks of things it will reach its set targets issuing by March 2016.

The National Treasury released the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement documents earlier presented in parliament by minister of finance, Nhlanhla Nene, today.

It details the changes government has had to make due to a number of reasons such as rising costs, since the national budget for the financial year was presented by the minister in February.

Government had announced it would issue 2.2 million smart ID cards during the financial year. According to National Treasury’s official documentation, 1 038 193 have been issued between April and September, meaning there are just under 1 million more to go if the target is to be met by 31st March 2016 (which marks the end of the 2015/16 financial year).

To help meet its target, government says 38 more offices will be fitted with the digital live capture system by the end of the year. Last month, several banks announced that they had now developed facilities to issue the cards.

Home Affairs was originally allocated R6.3 billion, but this has to be increased by R897.9 million to cover costs such as increase in staff salaries that weren’t properly budgeted for.

R760 million in total will be used for Smart ID Cards, the National Treasury revealed.

[Source – National Treasury]