What you need to know about online video services like Showmax

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AdvertisementAll over the world, the way we watch TV is changing. It used to be that there was only one way to get video into your home: you put an aerial on the roof, plugged it into your television, and watched what broadcasters wanted to show you.

Then we got video cassettes and, later, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. These allowed us to control when we watched the shows and films we wanted to see, so long as we had the storage device it was recorded on. Around same time we saw the birth of multichannel TV and satellite services, which brought much more choice to broadcast TV but at a much higher cost.

Today’s lounge is a hub of convenience, but is also stacked with clutter. Separate boxes for Blu-ray players, TV decoders and games consoles all plugged into the one TV screen: these all add more cost and complexity to your viewing habits – you’ve got great choice, but it comes at a price.

Step forward ShowMax, part of the the latest revolution in home entertainment.


ShowMax, which launched in South Africa a couple of months ago is a “subscription video on demand” service. What this means is that its large library of series and movies, which includes more than 20 000 episodes of international and local shows and films, is stored on servers as digital files and accessible over the internet.

All you need to do to access it is register for a single account at R99 per month, and you can be streaming video over your broadband connection in seconds.

ShowMax is simple

ShowMax takes away all the complexity of modern viewing and throws in a tonne more convenience. With a single log-in you can watch ShowMax videos on your smart TV, laptop, smartphone or tablet using your web browser or an app from the Apple or Google Play stores. There are even apps for smart TVs available, and support for playback on games consoles is on its way.

Watch ShowMax movies and videos on the devices you already own.

On top of this, with a single subscription ShowMax can be streamed on two different devices simultaneously. In other words, you can watch Ray Donovan on the TV while the kids stick with Shaun the Sheep on their tablet.

With ShowMax and video on demand, there’s no need to buy new equipment. Everything is played back on the kit you already own. All you need is the Internet and to download the app or install the Wildvine plugin for your web browser.

ShowMax is also affordable. For just R99 a month you can watch anything you want. That’s the same price as renting just a couple of DVDs, and far less than paying for traditional subscription TV.

Adaptive streaming makes the most of your Internet connection

ShowMax uses adaptive streaming, meaning that the service tailors the video quality to the speed of your internet connection. If you have a faster connection (4Mbps or higher is recommended), then 720p HD streaming is a piece of cake. If that speed temporarily drops, then ShowMax automatically adjusts the resolution downwards, meaning that you can keep watching without interruption and it’ll then restore full resolution as soon as the connection speeds up again. At full resolution, ShowMax uses around 1GB per hour of viewing.


TV is changing

And the best part is that ShowMax is totally legal. There’s no more buying dodgy DVDs off the street or visiting malware-laced websites to download bad copies of your favourite shows.

All over the world, the way we watch TV is changing. Services like ShowMax have been available internationally for some time now. The low cost and extreme convenience has seen subscribers flood to take up their offerings, to the point where according to a recent report from Ericsson, 35% of all TV and video viewing is via a streaming service.

To find out more about ShowMax visit the website here. It’s nothing short of a revolution. Isn’t it time you joined in?

Molly & Wors, one of the most popular shows on Showmax today.
Molly & Wors, one of the most popular shows on Showmax today.


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