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Jongo is a superhero TV series set right here in Africa

As the trope goes: everything happens in the United States. All the aliens want to invade New York, all the superpower-granting industrial accidents happen to American scientists, and all the Avengers assemble there. Now Africa is getting its own superhero in the form Jongo, a TV show about an ordinary mild mannered man called Eli King.

Jongo will tell the story of how King’s family is intertwined with alien crystals which wind up making him super indeed. As with most superhero stories, there’s a dead parent, villains who did the murdering and a story of our hero getting to grips with being more than human. And to even out the playing field, the bad guys have their own extraterrestrial crystals.

As far as set-up goes, it seems to be quite generic, so Jongo will need to do something special with its production.  According to writer and co-director, Gareth Crocker, the series will focus on the better aspects of Africa, instead of its negatives which are usually shown in media.

“Creating the first African superhero series was an enormous challenge in itself,” Crocker says,  “We knew from the outset that we wanted to do something quite different from the other shows currently on air in this genre.”

Currently in production, Jongo’s shooting is being done entirely in Joburg, and the crew is going from “the tops of buildings [to the] bottom of basements” to get the physical aspects of the show right, as special effects are going to be used in moderation.

Discover Digital, a local entertainment company, and Joburg-based production studio Motion Story will be handling that.

Jongo is scheduled for its first eight-episode season in March of 2016. You’ll be able to see it on e.tv and EbonyLife TV.

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