Telkom’s movie marathon ends with new Guinness World Record

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We consider ourselves a bunch of film buffs, but we’re not sure that we would have been able to complete the 120-hour movie marathon hosted by Telkom.

We have written about it before, but just in case you didn’t know, Telkom organised a Guinness World Record attempt by setting up 11 people to watch movies for as long as possible – with the target set at over 120 hours.

After all was said and done (and watched) Canadian serial record holder Suresh Joachim walked away with the certified World Record, as he managed to watch movies consecutively for 121 hours 18 minutes.

“I’m very excited to be able to set a new Guinness World Record for this event, especially as it is my first title in Africa,” said Joachim.

He beat the world record by almost an hour, as the previous record for watching movies consecutively was set by Ashish Sharma with a time of 120 hours 23 minutes.

All of the content that was showed to the participants were streamed through Telkom’s Boltspeed fibre – which was a first for such record.

“This is the first time the record for the most time spent consecutively watching movies has been attempted via streaming. Telkom is excited to be able to enable this record attempt while demonstrating the speed and reliability of our fibre technology,” added Jacqui O’Sullivan, Managing Executive for Group Communication and Public Relations at Telkom, in a press statement.

The 10 South Africans who took part in the record attempt shouldn’t feel too bad for not making it all the way, as Joachim is the holder of numerous other records like Greatest distance covered in 24 hours while dribbling a basketball, travelled a distance of 214.96 km (133.57 mi) in 48 hours on a treadmill, and the greatest distance moonwalked in 24 hrs (49.252 km).

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

Charlie started his professional life as a motoring journalist for a community newspaper in Mpumalanga, Charlie explored different journalistic angles since his entry into the fast-paced world of publishing in 2006. While fostering a passion for the arts, Charlie developed a love for technology – both which allowed him to serve as Entertainment and Technology Editor for an online publication. Charlie has since been heavily involved in consumer technology for various websites and publications. He thoroughly enjoys World War II films and cerebral documentaries; aviation; photography and indie music. Oh yes, and he also has a rather strange obsession with collecting coffee mugs from his travels.