This cute Russian truck can swim through water and turn like a tank

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Russian company Sherp recently showed off their design for an ATV, which involves a tiny chassis bolted to four, enormous self-inflated tires.

Aside from making this very serious machine look like something a kid put together from random pieces of LEGO, it actually serves some purpose.

The ATV can climb vertical obstacles of 70 centimetres thanks to the huge surface area of the tyres and, by turning its wheels in opposite directions, it can turn on the spot just like a continuous track (I.E. tank tread) vehicle.

Most impressive of all is the buoyancy provided by all that air in the wheels, which lets this truck cross bodies of water. Watch with dismay as the demonstration video shows the trucks breaking through a frozen lake and swimming about in the water below.

Okay, we know you want one right now. If you’re in Russia, the standard model goes for 3 850 000 Roubles (R773 084), but switching the site to English brings the price up to 65 000 US Dollars (R1 031 293).

We assume that increase is to cover international expenses like import taxes and delivery costs, but the poor Engrish on the site isn’t very clear.

If you have money to spend, you can pimp out your truck with some accoutrements like an additional fuel tank, interior heating and a generator (perfect for powering your house / tent when the electricity goes out).

If you’re serious about getting one of these, head on over to the Sherp site and have a look around. Oh, and you can take a lease out on your toy monster truck too. There’s no reason to be fiscally irresponsible while you crush cars beneath your giant wheels.

[Source – Truck Yeah]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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