Map Monday: Every battle fought in SA to date

According to a map showing battles fought across the world over over the centuries, the last major battle fought on South African soil was in April 1902, during the Second Anglo-Boer War.

A Wikipedia user going by the name Nodegoat has created an interactive map called the Wikipedia Geography of Violence, detailing 2 657 military battles recorded in human history.

Screenshot (2)

Nodegoat originally gather Wikipedia data from 8 049 entries on battles fought to create the map, but could only geocode and date over 2 600.

A look at the global map shows that Europe and the US have had the most battles fought on local territory, while Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and parts of Europe are where the most recent battles and wars have taken place.

You can check out the full map on Nodegoat’s blog.

To view details on each battle, hover your mouse over a dot until the open hand turns into one with the index finger pointing on it. You’ll see the battle’s location and name and clicking it will reveal more details, such as when the battle started and ended.

[Image – CC Wikimedia Commons]


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