Map Monday: UFO sightings reported in the same year and locations as The X-Files series

The X-Files mania was resurrected recently when the 90s TV series returned to television on the FOX network this past weekend.

To mark the occasion, location intelligence and visualisation engine, CartoDB, created a map of UFO sightings that were shown in various episodes in The X-Files and actual sightings that were reported by citizens during the same year and in some cases, the same place as seen on the series.

While no one can actually confirm whether or not these alleged sightings were inspired by what people had seen on the series, it doesn’t sound all that far-fetched.

CartoDB used data from  National UFO Reporting Center which has been recording reported sightings since 1974.

According to the map, more than 60 000 sightings were reported and if you look closely at the map, the number grew massively each year from the 1993, when The X-Files began until 2002, when it ended.

[Source – Inverse, image – The X-Files Facebook]


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