Adverts could be using as much as 50% of your mobile data

Does your data seem to disappear after browsing one or two websites? Well, a report coming out of Enders Analysis alleges that advertising could be using as much as 50% of your data.

Researchers took eight websites from what is only referred to as “popular publishers” and accessed them from a browser that replicates an iPhone 6.

Enders Analysis compared the data use of fully loaded pages without an ad blocker, with an ad blocker and with an ad blocker and JavaScript enabled.

The results of the research follow below:

As you can see, some pages contain adverts that account for as much as 80.7% of the data some web pages use.

Should a publisher use JavaScript elements, this can add as much as 4MB of data to a web page.

All of this means that web pages load slower and of course, they quite literally eat away at your mobile data.

The solution here is obvious, simply use a mobile ad blocker and that should cut down on your mobile data use.

However, there is a major problem here that needs to be addressed. According to Enders Analysis, 500MB of data should be enough to load the text of the King James Bible, 100 times over, some of the web pages used in the study would reach little over two thirds of that figure.

We understand that web sites need to run adverts to keep the lights on, but when those adverts start eating away at the data their users need to actually access websites, is it any wonder people resent being asked to turn their ad blockers off.

[Via – Business Insider] [Image – CC BY/2.0 TheHilaryClark]


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