Communications Union calls for removal of Telkom CEO

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South Africa’s Communication Workers Union (CWU) is threatening strike action and demanded the sacking of Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko.

“When he took over, we had a 23 000 workforce in the company and today we are sitting at 12 500. This represents a 46% job cut in a space of two years,” the union said in a memorandum handed over to ANC officials yesterday.

Telkom has over the last two years entered into a reshuffling structure, in which it has implemented a number of cost-cutting measures. It has offered various staff members voluntary retrenchment packages, which a number of unions including CWU and Solidarity disagreed with.

CWU president Clyde Mervin said during the march to the ANC’s headquarters in Luthuli House, that if Maseko isn’t removed, it will stay there until he is.

“If you don’t remove Maseko, rest assured, we will be camping here,” Mervin exclaimed.

The union is aiming to stem the retrenchments at the state-owned telecommunications company, and said that it would embark on strike action on 28 April if its demands aren’t met. Among its demands, it also listed a bail-out for South Africa’s troubled Post Office.

The CWU also took aim at the recently departed Gupta family, saying that news broadcaster ANN7 should be in the hands of South Africans. Speculation has been rife that ANN7 won’t be able to pay staff members at the end of the month.

“Let it be a South African-owned company. So we will be engaging with various business people to ensure that we save jobs at ANN7,” Mervin added.

[Via – News24]

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

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