All SA cultural events to be broadcast live on SABC

Cultural and traditional events from across all tribes in South Africa, will be given a spotlight through live broadcasts on SABC.

The public broadcaster’s COO, Hlaudi Motsoeneng, announced this initiative today during an address on the coming changes to the SABC’s TV channels.

Motsoeneng started off by saying that religious content, representing all recognised religions will be given more attention on the SABC channels

“What we’re going to do is to make sure that we include religious programmes. I know that we’ve been talking about other content and so on, but we are aware that we are lacking when it comes to religious programmes, especially on weekends,” Motsoeneng said.

“We’re also going to engage religious people, all of them inclusive, we’re going to have meetings with them. Traditional and culture it’s a given, King Zwelithini and others live coverage, when we talk about our culture and traditions,” he added.

“All traditional events, we’re going to make sure that South Africans you are proud to be South Africans on culture and tradition… All these cultural events, it doesn’t matter which tribe, we will put those cultural events at the SABC live.”

Mostoeneng did not describe what kind of cultural events will be broadcast or on what scale.

“This is SABC, this is South Africa,” he concluded.

[Image – CC Retlaw Snellac]


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