How to apply online to cast a Special Vote in the Municipal Elections

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For the first time ever, South Africans who qualify to cast special votes in the upcoming 2016 Municipal Elections, can to apply online to do so.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) makes provisions for special voters to apply to vote on a separate date apart from the general one set for the rest of the country.

Special voters are those who can’t vote at the voting station where they’re registered to vote on elections day, either because they are physically infirm, disabled or pregnant or can’t vote at their voting station on election day.

The allocated special voting days have been set for the 1st and 2nd August between 8am and 5pm, before the rest of the country votes on 3rd August. Should you not vote on any of these days, you forfeit the chance to vote.

There are two forms of special votes:

• Home visits: Election officials visit voters at their place of residence to allow them to cast their ballots. Home visits are only available to voters who are disabled, infirm or pregnant
• Special voting at your voting station: Available to registered voters who are unable to vote on 3rd August

Before you can apply for a special vote, you need to have an ID book or Smart ID card.

How to apply

To apply online, visit the Special Votes application page on the IEC website.

special votes municipal elections

You can also use the IEC app, available on Google Play and iTunes.

Alternatively, you can apply via SMS by sending your ID number to 32249 (R1 per SMS), or by taking the traditional route by going to your local IEC office and submit an a MEC35 form (which you can download here).

SMSes do not apply for home visits.

Once your application has been processed, you’ll will receive a notification via email or SMS of whether or not you application for a special vote was successful.

You can also check the status of application online on the IEC website.

Special vote applications close at 5pm on Friday 8th July.

[Source and image – IEC]