Artist redraws Batman: The Killing Joke trailer frame by frame

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The trailer for the animated movie adaptation of the famous Batman: The Killing Joke graphic novel dropped to a mixed reception.

While many fans love the idea of The Killing Joke becoming a movie – complete Mark Hamill providing his vocal talents for the Joker – the trailer’s visual aesthetic threw some fans off.

One fan has stepped up to fix this problem, but let’s look at the original first:

YouTube content creator Plan Making Mammals took that trailer and redrew it with “an aesthetic more closely resembling the Graphic Novel by Alan Moore, Brian Bolland and John Higgins.”

It’s stated that this was an exercise for the creator to test their drawing and animation skills.

The results are quite striking and what we’d love to see as a Batman: The Killing Joke full movie.

Finally, to save you frantically skipping between the two videos (or watching them simultaneously and becoming cross eyed), the creator probided a comparison video.

It not only shows the two videos side-by-side, but it also inserts pages from the graphic novel so you can see why certain changes were made.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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