Acer’s new Predator range includes a curved screen notebook, and an eye-tracking monitor

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Acer has revealed some of its latest gadgets at IFA 2016, currently on the go in Berlin, Germany. These include: a notebook with a curved display and a monitor fitted with Tobii eye-tracking technology.

Let’s start with the powerful gaming notebook.

The Predator 21 X is Acer’s new flagship and houses a 21inch, curved IPS display with a native resolution of 2560 x 1080. Driving that display is a pair of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 in SLI which support the G-sync enabled monitor.

Interestingly, this notebook will be based on Intel’s unannounced 45W+ 7th Generation of Kaby Lake CPUs according to Anandtech. This means that we will likely only see the 21 X on shelves in the months to come. Because of this little else is known about the internals of the 21X.

The notebook will also house Tobii eye-tracking technology, a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches (Acer didn’t elaborate on which Cherry MX switches it is using) and a number pad which can be flipped to become a touch-pad.

For those that don’t need something as crazy as this beast, Acer will be updating its Predator 17 and 15 notebooks to feature NVIDIA GTX 1070 GPU’s to make them VR ready.

The Predator is watching you

The firm also revealed three new Predator monitors which will also feature Tobii eye-tracking tech.

All three of the monitors support NVIDIA G-sync and users will be able to see the benefits of this clearly as all three monitors boast high refresh rates.

The Predator Z271T (seriously display manufacturers, can we get better names than this) is a Full HD  (1920 x 1080) curved display with a refresh rate of 144Hz.

The XB251HQT (okay this is getting ludicrous now, how am I ever meant to remember that) is a smaller but still Full HD, 24.5inch flat monitor with a maximum refresh rate of 240Hz,

The final flat monitor is the XB271HUT which has a native WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution and a refresh rate of 165Hz.

Acer is looking at a release schedule of October for the refreshed Predator 17, Predator 15 and the Predator Z271T monitor. The XB271HUT monitor has been given a December release date. The 21 X notebook appears to be made to order according The Verge, and given that it uses Kaby Lake we will likely only see it next year.

We’ve asked Acer to confirm that these dates are relevant to South Africa and we will of course update you here once they send along the relevant info.

We’re really interested to hear your thoughts on this new Acer gear so give us your thoughts in the comments below or if you favour brevity why not sling us a tweet.

[Source – Acer] [Images – Acer]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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