Hack & slash your way through The Commonwealth with this 3D printed Ripper from Fallout 4

If you haven’t played Fallout 4 or if you haven’t explored the Commonwealth and found it yet, let us fill you in on “The Ripper“.

The best way to look at the Ripper is as the illegitimate offspring of a chainsaw and a sword where, instead of a honed blade, you have motorised teeth.

If you don’t feel like buying the game, booting it up again, or strapping your wood cutting tools to the nearest large knife, you can now 3D print a scaled down version of the weapon.

The design comes to us thanks to Daniel Lilygreen. He’s fast becoming one of our favourite designers here as he’s already impressed with the heavy assault rifle from DOOM and the X-01 power armour helmet,  also from Fallout 4.

If you’re wondering, yes, Bethesda probably was influenced in its design of The Ripper by a Warhammer 40K weapon  called the chainsword. Hey, maybe copyright laws eased up after the apocalypse.

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